Therapy Wheel
(patent pending)
Made in Texas!
The wheel that blows anxiety away
The therapy wheel is a tool one can use to help regulate one's breathing when experienceing anxiety. One of the most used techniques for conquering panic attacks is deep regulated breathing. For a person to get the fan blades to move, they need to take a deep breath and blow into the wheel. This was developed after I noticed that the number one diagnosis I was seeing in my private practice was anxiety. I found children, in particular, struggled to take deep breaths on their own when they were anxious, but did seem to connect with the tool we developed. One can choose from a vairety of colors and whether to wear it as a necklace or put it on a key chain.
Excercises to try with Therapy Wheel
"I find myself using my therapy wheel while I write papers for school. I find I get less anxious and feel a sense of control over those feelings."
This is a very simple tool. One needs only to blow into the fan to get it to move. Click here for some exercises to try with the therapy wheel.
Where can I use the therapy wheel?
 The therapy wheel can be used anywhere you may experience anxiety and at any age. Adults in college to school age kids have used this tool before taking exams. People going through medical procedures such as receiving shots, blood tests, or uncomfortable examinations by a doctor can benefit from this tool. Children going through separtion anxiety, school anxiety, and agoraphobia can use the therapy wheel. In fact, just about anyone can benefit from the therapy wheel if they ever experience anxiety or panic attacks.
About the Developers
I have a doctorate in counseling and my husband is an engineer. I have been practicing as a therapist with a specialty in play therapy in my own private practice. One day at work, I was struggling to help a young girl with her anxiety by having her breath deeply. She had been going through medical procedures that had been painful. Her mother mentioned that she wished there was a pinwheel on a necklace for her to use. That night I told my husband about developing a necklace for people to use when anxious. We discussed the  idea and he designed the "therapy wheel." I am so excited about the design  and I hope that you benefit from this as much as some of my clients and friends have.